Operators Manuals and Assembly Instructions

   Manuals & Instructions can be provided in printable "html" based electronic form to the customer/user. This can be integrated into a drawing/documentation package that may be required by the product-user. It may contain directions for maintenance with photos, Descriptions, charts, ect. which is typically provided with the product.
Manuals can also be used internally and integrated into other capabilities like a Drawing Package.
   Reports "Comments" In the form of a word document that can be accessed, reviewed and edited easily.
Open Example of Report.
In the Assembly Instructions example to the left, these word document links can be placed in any of the areas where it may be necessary to allow for extra comments, remarks or information.
Reports by people who fabricate and assemble a product where the special nuances involved in the production can be documented and linked from the appropriate locations for easy access by those people and is accessible to all people and/or functions in the company.